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 Important Rules and Guidelines

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Important Rules and Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Important Rules and Guidelines   Important Rules and Guidelines EmptyWed Mar 02, 2011 3:34 pm

A simple set of rules and regulations in which every member must comply with.

• No spamming or flooding the forum
• No links to pornography of any kind
• No links to any sites regarding warez, or illegal drug use.
• No casino, gambling, pharmacy, drug, etc. allowed anywhere on the forum.
• No selling of signature space on this forum. Your signature is your own, not someone elses.
• No harassment of any of the other members whatsoever
• Please keep foul language to the absolute minimum, we are a family friendly community
• All attachments must be reviewed by either a Moderator or Administrator before being posted publicly
• Private messaging is a privilege provided by us for clients to contact one another privately. Any abuse of this system will result in immediate disabling of this service.
• Please only post in English or any language that can be easily understand by members
• ALL-CAPS are considered as yelling and or shouting. So, avoid using CAPS
• No Alternate-Caps (ex. DoNt UsE AlTeRnAtE CapS) Never use alternate-caps so that people can be readable from your post.

All rules herein are to be respected and obeyed. Any member caught violating these rules will receive a punishment at the sole discretion of the staff member.
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Important Rules and Guidelines
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